Junior League of Cleveland

JLC Scholarship Fund

The JLC will begin accepting Scholarship applications November 15, 2014.  The deadline for applications and recommendation letters is March 1, 2015.

The Junior League of Cleveland, Inc. (JLC) awards scholarships from its scholarship to women who are 17 years and older, and are seeking the opportunity to gain further education and/or career training. This scholarship is open to non-traditional women students in the greater Cleveland area.  Click here for history and highlights of the program.

Applications are now closed as of March 1, 2014.

However, you may look at the past application materials for reference: 

Click here for the Scholarship Application (pdf).

Click here to download the Tip Sheet (pdf).

The scholarship is open to non-traditional women students in the greater Cleveland area.  Examples of non-traditional students are:

• women who had their studies interrupted earlier in life

• women seeking a non-traditional career; women who were unable to complete high school and need to complete it to continue their studies

• women seeking to return to an educational goal and needs additional skills, knowledge or training

• women typical of college age, but attending colleges or programs that provide unconventional scheduling to allow for other responsibilities and pursuits concurrent with attaining further education or training

• women who, when they were minors, were in the protective custody of the county or state in the foster care system, living in either foster homes or in a group setting because of a disruption in their family of origin

Scholarship funds are available to assist with the cost of credit instructional programs and/or workforce training programs. Candidates may also apply for awards for additional educational expenses that may restrict the students’ access to education such as: program supplies, accredited daycare, accredited pre-school and after-school childcare and the recipient’s transportation.

Eligibility Requirements

Potential candidates must meet the following JLC Scholarship Fund eligibility requirements:

• Applicant must be a woman at least 17 years old.

• Applicant must be a non-traditional student, a woman not going directly to a four-year college immediately after high school graduation. The only exception to this restriction are women who have been wards in the county or state foster care system after having been removed from their family of origin. Therefore, we will NOT consider applications from women going directly from high school to a four-year college. For further clarification, please contact the JLC.

• Applicant’s permanent residence must be in one of these Ohio counties: Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Erie, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina or Trumbull.

• JLC members and their families are NOT eligible.

Applicants may request scholarships up to $5,000. Grants will be awarded in May of each year for the student’s use in her upcoming educational activities. The JLC will present the money to the institution of the recipient’s choice. Funds are dispersed directly to an educational institution, accredited child care, etc. Applicant must agree to use funds granted during the current academic year.

Application Requirements

The following is required in order to be considered for the Scholarship:

• Completed JLC Scholarship Fund Application

• One letter of recommendation sent to the JLC in support of your application. This letter may be sent from a principal, teacher, employer, or other professional (not a relative.)

• Personal Essay to answer the question "I am applying for this scholarship because _____."

Questions or Inquiries regarding the JLC Scholarship may be made to:
216- 231-6300 ext 3 or by email.

Submit Completed Applications, Personal Essays and Recommendation letters to:

Junior League of Cleveland, Inc.
Attn: Scholarship Committee
10819 Magnolia Drive
Cleveland, OH 44106

or fax to:

or email.